Welcome to the Clariant Shop

Discover our carefully selected Clariant advertising materials

Would you like to order personalized presents for events or a small gift for a customer? Or do you need office supplies in our Clariant design? Then this is the place for you!

In our Clariant Shop you can find unique and recognizable advertising materials at different price levels fast and easily as they are clearly organized into categories. The gifts follow the newest trends and meet our brand's high demands. Thus, you can help to maintain the perception of Clariant as a consistent and high-quality brand.

Most of the products featured in our shop have been pre-produced for you in a modest quantity. Therefore, you can request them any time with a short delivery time. The current stock quantities can be seen in the shop. Should you ever have greater demand or if you look for something special, we recommend you contact our provider Burg Services directly and with sufficient lead time through via email.

This shop is primary a service for Swiss and EU based employees. If you belong to another region, please contact your Procurement/GBS support in order to find the right supplier for merchandising articles.